Command & Colors Ancients: Thapsus


Pompey Card 1

Caesar Card 1

Pompey Card 2

Caesar Card 2

Pompey Card 3

Caesar Card 3

Pompey Card 4

Pompey declines to use his Leadership card aggresively, even so far as not to fight the Caesarian Light with his Aux. Pompey passes up a first blow with his Medium, Two Aux and Elephant, which would have made for an excelent attack. Pretty clear Pompey is passing up this first strike with Elephant included to set up a Mounted Charge by the Elephant. Which would be why his Aux did not fight the light, he would risk the Aux being retreated on a Battle Back blocking a Mounted Charge.

The attack passed up.

Caesar Card 4

Caesar does not pass the chance to close lines, and this strike also bags the Elephant. Pompey quits.

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