How To

First visit the PBeM Program Help Page, as most applies to this PBeM aid.

After the ReadMe.txt file, more on Combat

To resolve a combat, 1st round:

After combat, the defender can quickly click the 'Show Combat' speed button ( with the die), and then right click the hex to see the number of remaining units per side. The defender then removes the eliminated units for both sides.


Each combat generates a file named "Battle_at_" + 'hex id' + ".txt". This file will be found in the same folder as the turn file was loaded from ( if you do not know how to create folders, and move and delete files from folder to folder, rut roe, you need to buy a book...). If the file exisited before combat, that combat is just tacked on to the end. In this text file ( you can read it with "notepad.exe" ) you will find all the details about the combat, including the all important number of rounds fought.

1776, like all of the other PBeM programs, features the very helpful 'Return To Start Hex' option. Unlike the other programs, instead of a 100% correct return, for 1776, it depends. In 1776 you can split and combine units, so use with caution.

Zip files
The use of a 'zip' utility like 'WinZip' is most recommended to exchange files. The files are small, but it can get numerous, particuarlly if there were many different combats, and the Attacker will probably want to see the 'Battle_at_aaa000.txt' files.

How to quickly sort all of those files

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