1776 Campaign Game : Preferd Optional and House Rules

The idea here is, if we play by my 'set', you pick sides, by your set, I pick sides.

Advanced Game Optional Rules : AGOR
Campaign Simulation Game Optional Rules : CSGOR
House Rule : HR

Hank Burkhalter

  1. Agree with all entries to the Clarification page
  2. AGOR II: Bateau
  3. AGOR III: Forced March
  4. CSGOR I : Continental Navy (use a Bateau counter to show facing)
  5. CSGOR II : Militia Dragoons
  6. CSGOR IV : Variable Transport
  7. CSGOR IV : Variable Transport
  8. CSGOP V : Variable British Garrisoning
  9. CSGOR VI : Variable Winter Reduction

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