Austrians do not want to fight this battle, their Infantry is too far outclassed. They need to back up and form a hedgehog in Mollwitz.

7.2d Victory Conditions C. Right. Dont want to use this Optional rule... Austrian Infantry will not take a voluntary step back (unless advantageous for imminent Close Combat). Prussians will hope for some 'Aggressive Leaders' to move the Austrian Infantry forward.

So the Austrian Infantry will stand fast, need the Austrian Cavalry to strike fast. Left wing will go for combat as fast as possible. Right wing will cross the stream... see what the Prussians do there.

Prussian Infantry is just too far back, will have to force march, though with Fatigue and the extra Mollwitz +10 to the Disorder A check, only rapid march with a Leader. Will learn this game is thats fast enough.

Above the Fields