Solitaire Game

The Prussian Right Wing did not advance, held in place arranging the Grenadiers and such. Austrian Left Wing now must decide do they advance on the Prussian Right Wing or go ahead and hit the right flank of the advancing Prussian Infantry...? This is actually the second game, and both times the Austrians Left Wing choose to hit Prussian Right Wing and both times the Austrians were handily repulsed. In a future game is Prussians I will do the same as here. In a future game as Austrians hope this Prussians wing moved forward some, either way Yes, gotta fight them... rolling good always helps.

On the Prussian Left, stay left of the stream till the Austrians cross, then Prussians cross. Hopefully this move will frustrate/exasperate the Austrians, always a plus. Next the Prussians look for an opportunity if given to hit the Austrians when they try and cross back.

In the Center the Prussians will of course demolish the Austrians, just a matter of how bad. Didn't show the detail of the fighting here but the Austrians did have a moment or two.

All in all a blast. This scenario is setup for soon to come combat on each wing. The one rememberance of this particular playthrough was the Outstanding Prussian Artillery (ie DRs in the 80's and 90's always while taking enflade shots on fat cavalry). Austrains were besides themselves on this.

Played with numerous optional rules including Fatique, Multiple Fire Effects and Reaction Movement. For Mollwitz and Reaction Movement I think best to disallow "B) move forward or backward one hex".

Start 1520 1540 1600 1620 1640
1700 1720 1740 1800 1820

Above the Fields