Bloody Kassereine PBeM sequence and Rule Clarifications

Rule Clarifications

PBeM sequence
The below is presetnly in very "Rough Draft Form". Anyone care to type this up better, send it to me?

A Player Turn

Below done in order of listing
Player A:
Determines his Supply
Assign Combat
who will attack who*
Artillery Support*
Air Ground Support*
Air Interdiction*
Resolve Counter Battery (CB)

Player A sends (not end of) turn...
Player B:

Assign Deffensive Artillery Support
Resolve Interception

Player B sends (end of) turn...
Player A:

Resolve Combat [note order of combat in attacks].

Turn done. Send( end of)...
Player B:
Reviews the DR's. May adjust any and all DRs once. If a DR adjustment, taking combat order into consideration, causes an AR to become illegal, then the turn must be sent back to the attacker for an AR redo. This goes on untill all retreats are 'finalized'. Now its B's turn.
* Put a combat tag in the defenders hex. Begin the comment with "c:", list attackers who adjacent to more than one defender, 'straight' total all combat factors and append an "af", note air support/interdiction. A sample comment then is :
"c: 10-90 1I, 31I, 16af, air support"
Attacker cannot "Air Ground Support" and "Air Interdiction" same hex.

Above the Fields