Bull Run Clarifications

From The General, Vol. 20, No.5:
Thanks to Steve Likevich for typing this up
Some Reminders: Retreats. The retreat rules are simple, but can cause a bit of confusion to first time gamers. A unit must retreat two hexes. However, not all retreat destinations are equal. Basicaly, priority is determined by being the furthest from all adjacent attacking/defending units OF THAT PARTICULAR COMBAT for ground combat (supporting artillery ARE IGNORED for determining retreats in ground combat unless adjacent ), ..., or the furthest hex from all bombarding units in the case of a bombardment retreat. The unit must also end the retreat two hexes from where he started.

I have diagramed all of the possible infantry combat retreat routs. A unit MUST retreat to a 'Priority (1)' hex if at all possible. If impossible to retreat to a 'Priority (1)' hex, the retreating unit must choose a 'Priority (2)' hex.

Ground Combat Retreat Routs

For bombardment retreats, it is impossible to list all possible routes. Below, the unit MUST retreat to the highest number possible. The 'number' represents the total hex distance from all enemy artillery that fired.

Bombardment Retreats

An LOS Clarification


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