Caesar at Alesia Game Replays : Follow the Action turn by turn

All Told

Game I : Burkhalter (Romans) vs Fluck (Gaul)

Game II : Coffey (Roman) vs Burkhalter (Gaul)

Game III : Fluck (Roman) vs Burkhalter (Gaul)

The Record

Celts : 3-0
Romans : 0-3

Game I : Fluck (Gaul) vs Burkhalter (Roman) ; Vercingetorix escapes second day, turn eight.

Game II : Burkhalter (Gaul) vs Coffey (Roman) ; Vercingetorix escapes first day, turn eleven.

Game III : Burkhalter (Gaul) vs Fluck (Roman) ; Vercingetorix escapes first day, turn nine.

In early 1995 I got the idea to make a computer program that would allow me, FINALLY!, to play CaE. This new Internet stuff, with email, and a program, WOW, just think.... So, write a program, thats all I had to do. 'Course I knew next to zero about programming. What I did know was a single semester of Fortran way back when, make a dot/pixel appear, make it dissapear, how hard could it be? Took two years, became a friggin quest, I was putting in 20 hours a week after 60 hours of banging metal at a steel stamping plant. The screen shots you see here are from that first program. I have since wrote a second one for CaE.

Before writing that second program, I took the first to Atlanta in late 1996 and got a job as a programmer (er, Software Engineer) and a 30% pay cut. It got better.

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