Caesar Alesia Replay : Mobile Bay, Turn IV and V

PRE GAME: I am planning a collapse in Zone III. This collapse will be as far back as I have ever tried. The goal of course is to free as much strength for the rest of the perimeter as possible.

Turn 3: He has opened his assault in Zone III. This attack (so far) does not have too much power. There are only 5 x 8-6s. This suggests this is a holding attack. The trick here is to use just enough response to prevent this from becoming an exploitable attack i.e. one that with some assistance in a nearby zone could create an escape route for Vercingetorix. Right now I would expect either an attack two zones away or wave attacks here in zone III

Turn 4-5: Hmmmm, still nothing but the Zone III attack. The longer this lasts the more likely it is that the Gauls are trying a Zone VI main effort. Or he is hoping for a weakening of my line elsewhere. I'll make small cohort shifts to the east and move Labienus east.

Gaul 4

Roman 5

Above the Fields