Caesar Alesia Replay : Mobile Bay, Turn VI

Bang. Main effort. Zone VI it is. This is a good move on Hank's part. I had tried to do this about 2 games ago but my supporting attack was a weak probe around Zone I, and I took a particularly hard drubbing to my Alesia force trying to struggle across the river. I also had tried a secondary effort around Zone IV-V which was a mistake. It was a mistake because the Romans sent to counter the IV-V thrust were also able to closely support the Romans fighting the Zone VI main effort. Hank's choice of making a determined secondary attack at Zone III is a better one. They are separated from the main effort by two full movement turns. My forces defending at Zone III are effectively pinned at a location away from the where I might need them most -- his main attack at Zone VI..

I think there is one tiny imperfection in the Gaul attack -- which is good for me as it is looking rather ominous -- the vast majority of the Alesia force has been thrust east. This means there is no longer much of a threat-in-being inside Alesia. I don't need to worry about a sizable 2nd Alesia force trying to open an additional attack from within the siege. My difficulties would be worse if such a threat in being still existed. This allows me to take some risk to counter his main thrust. One of the best weapons the Gauls have is what they do not do. Until a force is committed the Roman has to keep an eye out for it -- doing so often causes the Roman to be weak somewhere else.

As it stand snow there is so much forced focused on the Zone VI, VII seam I believe if I do not strongly reinforce it the chances are good Vercingetorix will escape there. I really don't think I have that much choice. BUT, can I risk what's necessary elsewhere? I'm seriously considering all but abandoning IV, V and IX, X (save the forts of course). There are about 38+ Gallic units off board, a quick look at what's on board indicates quite a lot of them are accounted for by 2-13 cavalry and 5-6 infantry. An alternate strike by his off board force will not be that strong. Further, I retain a good ability along the ramparts to scramble back and block it. Of course this alternate strike -- in another area -- cannot be assisted by a secondary Alesia force -- Alesia force is already strongly committed east. Because of all this ....... I will largely abandon IV, V and IX, X. If I don't he will probably win the game in the east.

"I will largely abandon IV, V and IX, X". I really wish he wouldn't that, I mean, there is still a large 40 unit Galic force still offboard for heavens sake!! - Vercingetorix.

Gaul 6

Roman 6

Above the Fields