Round # 6

Scenario Played: Mazed and Confused

Win Type: Allied Turn 8 Sudden Death.

VP Count: Allied 7VP

From time to time the Americans did not have the needed Move and or Advance cards. Luckily they had plenty of time with only a total of 80 'Cards Remaining' shuffled back into the deck for the entire game. Time to move up for the big melee VP 3. Americans were able to run out their deck just in time to avoid a melee at VP 4. Americans were able to exit 7VP to help offset a German 4 VP Command Control event.

Turn 0 Setup
Start Time 1. American 31st card.
Start Time 2. German 54th card
Start Time 3. American deck.
Start Time 4. German 60th card.
Start Time 5. American 64th card.
Start Time 6. American deck.
Start Time 7. German deck.
Start Time 8. American deck.
Sudden Death

Above the Fields