SCENARIO PLAYED Paralyzed from the West down

WIN TYPE Axis Turn 6 Objective V S.D.

VP COUNT Axis 70

Lt Wray was lost in N4 from fire by Sgt. Esser.
Sgt Smith laid a fine smoke screen to cross the road but he got caught in a Wire and the others a minefield. The Smoke soon dissipated and Sgt. Biermann lit 'em up in the road up.
Objective R came out so Hubbard had no choice to but try and take objective 5 and he was lost in a melee that had 6 ambushes, 3 from each side.
Germans had withdrew from Objective 1, then got a hero and turned on the chasing parartrooper, then took back Objective 1 enabling the Objective V win.

Turn 0 (Time USA 59th card)
Fist Orders:
US discards 4
Germans discard 3

Americans have Wray broke and discards one or two cards at a time mostly. Germans firing every chance.
Germans got a Command and Control event for 5VP.
Turn 1 (Time German Deck)
Germans got the Init card to reverse a kill roll on Wray early on. It was not played again.
Wray was eliminated next Fire as the AMi's keep discarding two cards.
Germans discard two and keep Wire and Mines, do not get a fire, and Sgt Smith looks to cross the road laying an excelent smoke screen while the Germans have only 10 cards left. Germans move Esser to Objective 3.
Turn 2 (Time German 38th card)
Ami's still fishing two cards at a time going for a Recover I figure while hoarding Ambush I figure. In the meantime the smoke is gone and Sgt Smith is in the road on a wire.
Amis get the Recover and Smith fails, then is KIA.
Turn 3 (Time American Deck)
Ami's discard one card, a Fire card.
So do Germans, and draw two Ambush cards for a total of 3.
Turn 4 (Time German 70th card)
Well, Germans think to stand pat with 3 ambush and let the Amis come on over with their stacked hand.
Though we had time to move a weapons team to a Rifle squad that looked to be the mian target for Hubbard.
The Amis advance, 6 Anbush cards 3 each, Amis win but lose their leader.
Germans with a hero double back on pursuing AMi and head for Objective 1.
Turn 5 (Time American Deck)
Time came right up next order right behind end of Turn 4.
Turn 6 : German Object V Sudden Death Win.
Casualty Track

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