SCENARIO PLAYED Paralyzed from the West down

WIN TYPE American Turn 7 S.D.

VP COUNT American 13VP

Turn 0 (Time German 39th card)
Good US turn. Sgt. Smith got his flank move and Wray kept the German heads down J4, backing off the German HMG.
Turn 1 (Time American Deck)
Americans still hammering away at the pillbox.
Turn 2 (Time German 15th card)
Turn 3 (Time German 50th card)
During Turn 3. A Chain of Events
Americans have just finish clearing the pillbox with fire and fortunatley Esser does not reoccupy with the HMG.
Instead the Germans burn cards with a Fire and draw an American Sniper that hits Sgt. Esser as this image shows. Germans do not play a Recover.
Americans with figure this is the time to go for building 5 and while taking fire moving in draw a KIA event... Esser is KIA.
Turn 4 (Time American Deck)
Turn 5 (Time American 27th card)
Turn 6 (Time German 41st card)
Turn 7 Sudden Death, Americans 13VP

Above the Fields