WIN TYPE: Axis Victory Turn 8 Sudden Death, Axis 8VP

Greeks setup the gun and a HMG on Hill 5 and the rest in the town. Germans setup all in the North West corner for the always scary as heck big fire group in open ground vs heavy weapons in bunkers shoot out. Both sides had the fire cards and the Germans had to give up the initiative to keep a broken Wehling alive. Germans somehow prevailed through fire and dropping satchel charges, a flame thrower, an infantry gun and LMG at the base of the cliff to advance in for close combat. Now the Germans looked to dominate the town from Hill 5 but the hill caught fire (?) so back down the hill went Capt Wheling where two LMGs remained. Had to wait some time for a break to rush the H7 bunker and it came when the Greek MG's malfunctioned on a Sustained fire and Wheling rushed the bunker, got a squad in there, and then perfectly timed an exit off board just as the German deck exhausted for the end of turn 2 netting 8VP, the final margin of victory on turn 8 by Sudden Death.

Mid Turn 0: Ge 41, Gr 51
We join the action.
Turn 0 Time by Germans: Ge 14, Gr 26
Turn 1 Time by Greeks: Ge 36, Gr 0
This turn Wheling had went up the cliff then back down, a colossal waste of energy. He should have never went up.
Mid Turn 2: Ge 14 Gr 45
Some Germans will exit soon.
Sudden Death

Above the Fields