VP COUNT Soviet 13VP

On first play Russians were hoping to go straight into the gully, that didn't happen, instead a firefight did that cost the Russians two squads and the MMG before they finally got in the gully, along with the. The German reinforcement crossed the board North to South (the minefield and wire by the reservoir were placed by the Russians to slow this wild man down) to take on the Russians survivors in the gullies and promptly lost his first close combat with an 8:3 advantage. The Russian reinforcements came on at O10 and survived the fire of a German squad and LMG to get off for 14VP. This forced the Germans to move forward however a series of early time triggers ended the attack.

Turn 0 Setup
Start Time 1 (German 34th card)
On the first Russian fire Germans gave up the Init Card and saved thier MG crew from breaking. The Germans then put the Russians on their heels on route to eliminating both broken squads here, though the leader survived.
Start Time 2 (Soviet Deck)
Soviets were able to time this, they have a move card. The Germans were able to break a squad, but it advanced off. The exits will earn 14 VP.
In the gully the German will advance in with an unmet ambush card for an 8:3 battle and lose it (Soviets have not given up the Init card). Soviets also have a no quarter card netting 4 VP.
During Time 2.
A Gap
Start Time 3 ( German Deck )
Start Time 4 ( Soviet 39th card )
Start Time 5 ( German 6th card )
Break during Time 5
More Soviet VP:
A Command Control event for 3VP
German squad by fire for 2VP
Start Time 6. (Soviet 16th card)
Start Time 7. (German 13th card)
Start Time 8. (German 17th card)
Start Time 9. (German 18th card)
Sudden Death

Above the Fields