SCENARIO PLAYED: Ambush at Mogaung

WIN TYPE: AXIS Victory Turn 12 S.D., 0 VP, Axis with Initiative card

To start off the IJA did not get any move/advance cards for a number of action rounds while the CW had plenty of fire cards, so no exit VP for the IJA. One IJA squad was lost to CW fire, after that the only VP for the rest of the game came from melee.

When the early melees cleared the IJA was up 1VP and deployed forward along the J column when the CW got an 88mm battery. Through great fortune The IJA was able to eliminate the battery to which the CW doubled the great fortune by then getting a 76mm battery.

With VP so tight the IJA was doing all it could to get out of any and all CW LOS. The CW hero with three ambush cards charged alone into the jungle and got a CW VP bringing the VP to 0, After that came a lull in CW move cards and the IJA ran its deck out for a O VP game end, IJA with the initiative card. Cant have a closer game than that.

Above the Fields