Scenario 6, Garski's Demise

Advance After Combat game.


Lost the log file, here we are Turn 4(8) last 2 cubes, Russian move.

Im the Russian, and we advanced which was needed to get the MG's safe... but why did I leave the other entrenchments? I was confident this was a brain malfunction.

Start Turn 5

Russians almost went with placing the command on the left to rush the F33 VP hex, but went with the center and a Fire. The dice we heavily pro-Russian first round,
wiping out the platoon next to the T34 and hitting many others. Fired again, the Germans returned with the MG42 for IP, so Russians fired 3 in row, rolling great,
and eliminated 10 squads.

Start Turn 6

Russians went out in the open to rush the F33 VP hex, Germans split their command, back in the woods for the Russians.

Start Turn 7

Above the Fields