Scenario 7, Gostischka Lowlands

My Russians vs Lefty's Germans.

Turn 7[Start] Cube 2

Start Turn 8

Start Turn 9

Start Turn 10

Turns 10 and 11 have been lost, what happened was:

On the Russian right flank, the building and all defenders were lost without eliminating a single German.
This set the VP to German 7.
Battle in then Woods: The Germans eliminated all of the initial Russian force of 6 platoons at a loss of 2 platoons,
and this set the German VP to 1. The four Russian rienforcement platoons went into the wood to join the fight but
were to late to help out the initial force. Turn 11 ended as shown below for the Turn 12 start.

Start Turn 12

Turn 13 Sudden Death

Above the Fields