Scenario B1, Cutt Off

Two playtest games of B1 Cutt Off. Similar Russian setups, German approaches a tad different. First Germans looked to clear the West Hill from the Center Hill. Second Germans overran the West Hill capturing a Command Counter in the process.

First Game setup.

First Game Turn 13

Turn 11 and some of 12 was spent by the Germans blasting the West Hill clear.

End of 12 Russians backed off the C7 entrechments... I think that was a mistake.

End of 13 the East Hill was secure leaving enough time to clean up the units back west with the assit of a Fighter mission.

Second Game Setup

Second Game Turn 13

Turn 12 Germans went right for a West Hill overrun. The Russians did not place a Mission Control and on the last Activation of turn 12 the Germans took out the West Hill Tactical Command Marker. Turn 13 the Russian M23 SMG squad essentially cost the the Germans three Activations such that the Russians did not play a Mission Command for the second turn in a row.

Second Game End, Not One Additional German Activation Too Soon for the Motherland

Above the Fields