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Internet Die Rolls
Two I am aware of Internet Die Rolls, and Irony. As a long time PBeMer and a PBeM GM, I have learned that has problems. Too many times will delay in sending the dr(s), or not even send them at all. So far I have yet to hear of the drs being sent to one gamer and not the other. When this happens, each time the cause was found to be an incorrect email address (such as having a (invisible to the naked eye) space at the end of the address. Irony has yet to 'malfunction', though I'm sure it will someday. When this happens:
  1. No response from die roller: Best not to send for a second die roll. Wait about 24hrs, if the drs still haven't shown, the original sender will notify the original receiver to send for the drs. When the receiver is notified he is to roll because of missing drs, and the receiver has yet to receive those drs, the receiver will send, and at that instant the original senders drs will not be used, even if they come in.
  2. Multiple die roll requests: Use the drs the receiver got first.
  3. The yet to happen one gamer gets die rolls and the other doesn't and the email addresses were fine : Use those drs. Whoever got the drs forward them to the other gamer so he may inspect the email addresses, and if all is OK, use those drs.

Ilegal Move/Action

lifted from the BPA PBeM Error Handling Conventions

An example is a campaign move. On Move I the gamer say moves an Army 7 spaces. Then the gamer 'speeds' through Move II. Here the turn would be reset to the beginning of Move I if the non-moving player wanted, or the turn is left as is if the non-moving player wanted, his call.

Unless stated, combat die rolls are 1st dr attacker, 2nd die roll defender (remember, an intercepting force is still the defender). If stated then use the order given. Sometimes a gamer will 'transpose' drms, this should be obvious when it happens, and again the actual drms are used and the die rolls are applied in the order specified (and if not specified, its att/def).

My own convention is att/def.

Future Software Upgrades

First thing, when you do download a newer version and have an older version insatlled, you must uninstall the old 'For the People With Cards' first. Or, if you are an advanced computer user, just manually delete the "ForThePeople_WithCards.exe" file, thats what must be done. Then install and check the lower left hand corner of the about box to make sure it took.

Please let me know if there are any enhancements you'd like to see, I will reply as to the likelyhood of it happeneing. The present list is:

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