Stonewall Jackson's Way, Senario #7, From the Rapidan to Manassas

the only SJW senario worth gaming...

Paul Neid pointed out on the mailing list, a minimum of a +15 bid is needed to take the Rebs (that is, at the end of the game, the Yanks get the 15VP). And this assumes no Union Panic. Myself..... I'd bid 35 for the rebs at this Time After Four Games as of September '03 (a few morw games.... no doubt my 'bid' will change). As is I see the Rebs reguarly (3 of 4 games) reaching 90VP. So basically you just play two games, see who can do 'best' with the rebs.

SJW House Rules

These are some House Rules I have come up with to, in my opinion, help play balance by removing truly bad luck, such as Rain+2 on August 20th. House Rules require both gamers to agree beforehand. I have found that some gamers agree, most don't.... same as myself, I sometimes agree to a fellow gamers house rull, but usually do not.

House Rule #1:
First turn all of Special Rule #1 (page 28) remain unlness changed below: Besides reducing much wristage for the Yank, this ensure a pretty even keel start for a long game that has plenty of time to self disintegrate on you, no need to rush it with, say, as mentioned above, rain on the 20th.

House Rule #2:
15VP is much to much for such a 'unpredictable' event. And it can affect Union play in weird ways, try to kep his large divisions less exposed. Pope had no qualm throwing his large divisions against Jackson, but a Yank Gamer may with 15VP looming overhead.