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Rommel in the Desert is a copyright of Columbia Games. Designed by Craig Besinque. Co-developer Ron Hodwitz .

Axis : Hank Burkhalter
Allies : Darren Ried

This 'series replay' is our third start of the Crusader senario, the first two lasting almost 'five minutes' each. The rules and mechanics of Rommel in the Desert are a bit novel, but, we got 'em figured now by gosh!

With the given victory conditions, it would seem the Axis must take Tobruk to win. While I was the Allied in the previous 5 miniute game, I saw in that brief instant that the Axis can get chewed up mighty quick in the mined fortress of Tobruk. No, to take Tobruk, the Germans will need much more than they have in this senario, given the large Allied force. The only other option then for an Axis win is to eliminate 12 more Allied units than the Axis loss count. About just as likely as taking Tobruk..., near nill.

Well, I'm going for the kill count, if anything to save me from the frustration of watching a slaughter in Tobruk. Now, I'm sure Darren is expecting me to go for Tobruk, for whatever that is worth. This 'small surpise' will be more like 'mild amusement' in the face of the large Allied force. But we'll give it a go.

So, it seems that this senario is meant more as a 'simulation' than a 'game'. Just as well, a small pit stop on the way to the Motherload, The 1941/42 20 turn Campaign!

November - turn 1 : Positions after the first move of an Allied BLITZ move
November - turn 1: Positions after the first move of an Allied BLITZ move
Allies burn 3 supply, take the Jarabub Oasis. Axis take Sollum.

the CRUSADER replay

Nov 41, turn 2 Nov 41, turn 3 Nov 41, turn 4

Above the Fields