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Initial Setup

Spring 44

Summer 44

Fall 44

Winter 44


Spring 45

Summer 45

Fall 45

Winter 45

Allies Turn

East Front

The Russians seem to have completed a small encirclement of Hungarian and Russian troops around Tallinn and have also crossed the Dneiper in 2 or 3 places further south with the help of their airborne units. The relatively weak German set up in the east compared with the west may be short lived as new German armour will shortly arrive.

Western Front

In the west, the Germans, decided not to "fight them on the beaches". Even so a strong presence in the Pas De Calais tempted the US to invade in relatively empty Cherbourg and Brittany. Mindful of the little time available, the US still invaded Dieppe and Calais and took Antwerp on exploitation with the help of their paratroopers.

Med Front

In the Mediterranean, the British decided on a two pronged approach to relieve the monotony of trudging up Italy. Two German infantry corps were eliminated and some British armour crawled through the gap, mindful of a German heavy tank corps in the vicinity. The British airborne dropped on an empty Tirana, followed by an armoured and infantry corps during SR.

Axis Turn

East Front

In the east, I had to balance between voluntary ground losses, and maintain a high involvement level for the incoming attrition. Both were achieved, many losses were made on Russian units, but most of all, I was able to regain ground N-E of Riga which released much of the pressure on Army Group North (many units were out of supply before this advance). The second objective on eastern front was to rebuild a fully hermetic line. This has been accomplished within the SR phase, and with the para out of reach, no catastroph should happen next turn.

Western Front

Despite what was expected, US decided to assault the strong points of the Calais area. With the breakthrough at Antwerp, Allied HQ tries to close as much as possible of the main theater : Germany. But it appears to be a too narrow place to be... Most air units served during the previous invasions, and the Luftwaffe manages to gather double air points in range of Antwerp; why offensive option ? None of the US hexes could be re- gained during an attrition. Anyway the chancy OKH captures Antwerp without a single loss.

Med Front

In Med, attrition results in moderate losses on the British, but allows to regain the port of Durazzo in Albania; this in turn, leads to the loss of supply for the BEF there. No fear of further paradrops, as well as very limited seaborne capability, next summer should be quiet.


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