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Initial Setup

Spring 44

Summer 44

Fall 44

Winter 44


Spring 45

Summer 45

Fall 45

Winter 45

Allies Turn

East Front

The Russians made small gains towards Warsaw and Rumania.

Western Front

The allies struggled to turn a very strong defence. The US managed to expand out of their beleagured Calais beachhead and sent more troops ashore near Bordeaux.

Med Front

The British struggled to expand in the Balkans, but managed to capture a port at the north of the Adriatic to put some US armour ashore. The attack up Italy has fizzled out.

Axis Turn

East Front

Attrition is the east allowed only minimal gains. Losses were also low for the Russians. In the far north, the Finns were able to advance far beyond their front lines as the Stavka removed almost every units from this area. At the end of the Fall 44 turn, Axis units were able to maintain an exploitation proof front line, and that's the most important thing ...

Western Front

In the west attrition led to minimal US casualties, but Paris and the Siegfried line are still well behind the front.

Med Front

The Med front led to a catastrophic failure in the counter offensive directed against Trieste. What should have locked the area, became a vast fiasco, costing around 60 brp's and many new corps called to the rescue in an attempt to secure northern Italy and Yugoslavia.


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