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Initial Setup

Spring 44

Summer 44

Fall 44

Winter 44


Spring 45

Summer 45

Fall 45

Winter 45

Allies Turn

East Front

The Russians launched a two pronged attack on Warsaw which fell. Two russian infantry corps launched a surprise invasion at the heart of germany near Bremen - with no offensive possible, they should be able to secure Bremen next turn, unless Bertrand can pull something off.

Western Front

The US continued to flounder about in France - germany had reduced its defence at Calais but no armour was left to exploit this. The US in the west of france continued to try to secure a port to SR to. Their best bet is to tie up as many german troops as possible as they are miles away from Berlin.

Med Front

The german bad luck left the allied invasion of Venice with a chance to make some ground. Routes north into Germany were well blocked so the US turned right into Yugoslavia to link up with the British coming up from Albania, cutting off 2 infantry and two armoured corps - and germany has not got any BRPs left for an offensive. British armour also took Bulgaria.

Axis Turn

East Front

This front is more and more critical for the defense of the Reich. This turn, it was not possible to do much damage, but some efforts were made to ZOC enemy paras and fortify the front as much as possible. In the north, the Russians left Leningrad empty as well as the overall front line, thus allowing the full Finn army to invade this area. The loss of Leningrad cost 15 BRP's for USSR that went to the Axis wallet which was very low for this year's end (8 BRP's) ...

Western Front

The best of our troops was made to contain the US push in France. In Benelux, Antwerp was reconquered but the real danger comes from the central offensive in the west of France.

Med Front

Last turn disaster is now almost forgotten. The main objective was the capture of Trieste which could deny supply to several armored corps in the area. This operation was succcessfull, as well as a surprising push toward south Italy by 2 INF corps.


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