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Initial Setup

Spring 44

Summer 44

Fall 44

Winter 44


Spring 45

Summer 45

Fall 45

Winter 45

Allies Turn

East Front

Russia has really screwed up the game. They are now desparatley short of BRPs to build units and this can be traced back to the fall of Leningrad to the Finns and the cutting of the Murmansk convoys. As a result, german armour is loose behind the lines and only an unlucky die roll by the germans prevented Warsaw, which may soon be their only supply source, from falling. In this turn, some of the rogue german units were destroyed, but having to cope with them prevented an offensive towards Berlin being taken.

Western Front

The western allies were set back by the bloody german counter offensive, but still managed to edge a little closer to Berlin and may well be able to have a shot at it in the winter. A german counter offensive is now very unlikely, but attrition could still damage the allies position badly.

Med Front

In the Med, the British took an offensive to allow their troops to get home! They also spotted a good chance of taking Rumania, which would have reduced German rebuilding to zero this turn. However, only a 1-1 (50%) could be achieved, with a full exchange resulting. Belgrade was recaptured so at least there remains a very small thorn in the axis' underbelly.


Axis Turn

East Front

Previously exploiting armors are now disrupting rear area units on the southern part of the front. All Russian units from Lvov up to Odessa are put out of supply, while the wehrmacht tries to establish a last stand in face of the Polish border.

Western Front

Low funds did notallow any offensive, so maximum efforts were put to do as much damage as possible via attrition. Heavy losses were subtracted from the US spearheads, thus denying occupation of those hexes in front of Berlin.

Med Front

This part of Europe is left almost abandonned as maximum punch is needed in central Germany.


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