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Initial Setup

Spring 44

Summer 44

Fall 44

Winter 44


Spring 45

Summer 45

Fall 45

Winter 45

German Setup

East Front

Eastern front is the less defended. Of course they are not enough units to cover all those fronts, and here is the real weakness of the German / Axis armies. Northern Baltics states are almost units free, and possible paradrops are most of the time not covered by third defense line. First turn will show that this front was very exposed.



Western Front

Maximum defense has been commited to the west. Althrough beaches are left undefended, second and sometimes third line in the vicinity of Antwerp and Paris are heavily concentrated.

Med Front

Italy has not been forgotten. Mountains east of Rome are the key of the defense, and are occupied by one 3-3 INF plus a 5-6 elite panzer corps. The next important thing is the 4-6 panzer corps that blocks every possible breakthrough at Salonika, which could lead to attacks on Sofia and even Bucharest (that could mean losses of several INF units).



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