Initial Setup

Spring 44

Summer 44

Fall 44

Winter 44


Spring 45

Summer 45

Fall 45

Winter 45


This game covers the end of the fasciste tide, starting on Spring 44 allied turn and continuing up to the eventual fall of Germany. Pressure on all fronts is the master word for allied nations, while Germany tries to maintain its frontiers safe for as long as possible.

Player's side

Axis Player

Bertrand Vauthier

Allies Player

Andrew Halket

Victory Conditions

Allied Decisive

Conquer Germany in/before Winter 1944

Allied Tactical

Conquer Germany in Spring 1945

Allied Marginal

Conquer Germany in Summer 1945

There is no Stalemate

Axis Marginal

Allies conquer Germany in Fall 1945

Axis Tactical

Allies conquer Germany in Winter 1945

Axis Decisive

Allies conquer Germany in Spring 1946


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