T3: September '41 German, Mud
T3: September '41 Soviet, Mud
T4: November '41 German, Snow
T4: November '41 Soviet, Snow
Oh Lord, those Counterblow's were a bad idea. Will need a dr6 next turn to save the two Panzer Armies.
T5: January '42 German, Long Winter
Got the dr6, wow.
T5: January '42 Soviet, Long Winter
T6: March '42 German, Mud
T6: March '42 Soviet, Mud
T7: May '42 German, Clear
T7: May '42 Soviet, Clear
T8: July '42 German, Clear
T8: July '42 Soviet, Clear, Pre-Combat
Model doubled the 4th Rumainians outside of Dnepropetrovsk, changing the odds from 5:1 to 3:1, just enough to survive the dr3 and clinch an Axis Sudden Death win.

Above the Fields