Im Finns with Cezary Domalski. Finn homer comments.

Russian Turn 1, Fog
Russians come up and get a Supr. hit, 2:1, DR 5, a 2/1. Finns retreat.
Finns rally 4/5.
My first game as Finns. Hmm, I suppose this is a good attack, still not sure on it.
Russian Turn 2, Noon
Russians nail the suppresion, attack at 6:1, DR 11, 0/7.
Russian Turn 3, Afternoon
Low odds at the bridge nets one SUP, a 1:2 DR 9, 1/1.
Well, was hoping to slip a Finn in the Russian rear, thats not going to happen anytime soon.
Russian Turn 4, Dusk
No gunfire.
Russian Turn 5, Night
No gunfire on Russian turn. Finnish rifles exploded on miss fires on raid.
Russian Turn 6, Dawn
No Tank. One Finnish attack that goes poorly. Finns looking at a counter attack? Yep, see insert, and less than hoped for result
Russian Turn 7, Morning
Russians attack good (not so much the Finns).
Russian Turn 8, Fog
All Russian artillery let loose at the bridge.
Russian Turn 9, Noon
Russian Turn 10, Afternoon
Russian Turn 11, Dusk
Russians call a halt to the bridge assaults. Attack on the left but do not advance.
Finnish 12, End of Night
Russian 13, Dawn
Russian 14, Morning
Russian 15, Fog
Russian 16, Noon
Finnish 17, Afternoon
Russian 18, Dusk
Finnish 18, Dusk
Russian 19 after Combat, Night
Finnish 19, Night
Russian 20, Dawn
Finnish 20 after 7 assualts, Dawn
After the assaults Finns opt for Change of Operational Stance and go after Kotisaari, and Russians fail a PMC.

Above the Fields