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Initial Setup

Spring 44

Summer 44

Fall 44

Winter 44


Spring 45

Summer 45

Fall 45

Winter 45

Allies Turn

East Front

In the east moderate advances were made towards Poland in the north with an armoured spearhead and with a good old infantry slugfest in the south towards Rumania.

Western Front

An impregnable defence was built by the germans against the american beachheads in calais and Dieppe. The US decided to spread the attack and invaded an empty beach on the west coast of France and also landed a diversionary infantry corps in Cherbourg.

Med Front

In Italy British armour outsupplied the German fortress in the Dolomites near Rome butthe Germans should be able to recover their position. Realising that Italy is too long and narrow for quick conquest, the BEF poured into Greece and managed to recapture Durrazo. Are the balkans at their mercy?!

Axis Turn

East Front

Eastern front was not a gamble. Attrition was not an alternative but a must, as Axis units are no longer able to wage offensive on the Russians steps. Results were fine enough, and allow, at the end of the SR phase, to build a full double line for the upcoming defense. But this has been achieved at the detriment of the western front for the most part. Anyway, this situation should reverse as the length of the front is shortening more and more each turn.

Western Front

The Allied strategy of attacking everywhere demonstrates the lack of Axis units. BRP's are there, but units aren't... So the US breakthrough near Bordeaux was not fully stopped, and next turn could see some armored units travelled all around south of France. On the opposite, the northern flank is out of reach for any US offensive, at least for fall 44.

Med Front

An offensive in Med should have released the threat on Rome but with high risks of big losses, thus exposing the overall Italian front for the next turn. So I decided to go for an attrition which could provide the necessary result (at least 1H) on 1 chance out of 2. I made it and get my big stack of elite corps back to supplied status.


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