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Initial Setup

Spring 44

Summer 44

Fall 44

Winter 44


Spring 45

Summer 45

Fall 45

Winter 45

Allies Turn

East Front

In the east, the Russians are starting to feel the effects of the loss of Leningrad and the cutting off of the Murmansk convoys. They are getting very short on BRPS and the loss of 5 armoured corps and having to deal with the rogue german corps behind their lines is proving a heavy burden.


Western Front

The western allies at long last made some headway along the north German coast in heavy fighting linking up with the Russian beachead east of Bremen. An air drop on the second line of defence allowed a 3 deep penetration of the capture and clearance of Wilhemshaven for SR..

Med Front

The small British enclave in the Balkans is holfding out, but cannot be more than a minor diversion for the Germans this late in the game. A near suicide attack did not produce the desired result and allow the strong air presence to get home where it would be more use.

Axis Turn

East Front

A rather audacious offensive was launched in Poland. Its goal, put out of supply 2/3 of the Russian army. All went almost perfect except for the main assault on Warsaw, which concluded on the destruction of the attacking force, thus allowing the red army to escape from this late disaster. Anyway, they are in a bad shape, and main threat is now clearly coming from the western front.

Western Front

The allies succeeded in an unexpected deep breaktrough, and offensives hardly restored a rather desperate situation. Armors were put in first line to block enemy para from getting a chance to be launched.

Med Front

This part of Europe continues to be quite. Small defenses are built to deny the allies any occasion to strike at minor allies.


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